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Physics for dummies


Article to come (under translation):

Electricity and magnetism

The invisible universe

The universe is abunding with invisible phenomena and forces, among them electricity and magnetism, that we are familiar with and can utilize, measure and predict 100%, but not perceive directly, even though our senses and our neural system is largely based on electrical signals. What we can perceive are secondary effects.

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Aurora. Visible manifestation of invisible phonomen.


Article to come (under translation).

Cable locating

History and Principles

From my boyhood 60 years ago I rememter a man with earphones on his head walking up the street waving with something lookin like a little red suitcase. Further down the street stood another red "suitcase" at an open manhole, and he told me that he was searching a water pipeline. This tells that electromagnetic pipe and cable location is not a new invention.

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Kabelsoking 1910

Cable locating in Germany around 1910


Cable locating

Principles and Limitations

In english

See presentation

CB DiffAnt in use


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